Developer Services


The management of Coast Management of California is very aware that developers seek to leave their condominium projects and planned developments in the hands of satisfied homeowners who will refer future buyers to them. One of the ways we can help is to provide training for new board members, and other new homeowners, so they fully understand their responsibilities in running their association and maintaining its common areas.

The president of Coast Management of California has presented more than 350 homeowner association board training seminars in California since 1998 and is available to make the transition from a developer controlled HOA to a new buyer controlled HOA seamless and beneficial for all concerned.

We are fully aware that disputes sometimes arise between homeowner associations and the developer of a community. These disputes usually relate to construction, maintenance, or budget issues. Unless these disputes are handled in a professional and objective manner, they can result in costly and time-consuming litigation that usually works to the great disadvantage of both parties. Michael Chulak can assist both parties in resolving these types of disputes with the objective of resolving all legitimate issues expeditiously and without litigation.

Coast Management of California