Privately Owned Security Cameras

Sometimes owners within associations decide they want to install their own security cameras. While boards should not unreasonably prevent owners from protecting themselves by installing security cameras, owners do not have an unlimited right to do so.

Owners that want to install security cameras must:

  1. Read the association's CC&Rs and Rules and follow the procedures set forth before installing them, including any architectural approval procedures and restrictions. Owners will usually find that cameras cannot be attached to the common areas and that holes cannot be drilled through the common areas.
  2. Make certain that the placement of their cameras do not violate the reasonable right to privacy that their neighbors expect. This means that the precise placement, including angles of coverage must be approved.
  3. Sign a recorded indemnification and hold harmless agreement as a condition of being permitted to attach cameras to the common area and/or drilling holes through common area walls.

It is an excellent practice for associations to adopt rules that address the approval process for private security cameras.

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